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2009 Energy Events Update


Information from Future Energy Strategies
January to July

In italics – event has taken place
Bold – attended by Future Energy Strategies


8 January – An Audience with Steve Holliday, CEO National Grid, London
19-21 January – World Future Energy Summit (with Masdar), Abu Dhabi
20 January – Energy Industries Club, Lord Browne of Madingly, London
21 January – British Wind Energy Association Parliamentary reception, London
22-23 January – Claes & Casteels EU Energy Law and Policy Conference, Brussels
27 January – Environmental Industries Commission reception, London
28 January – Energy Security, organised by the Economic Research Council, London
28-29 January – European Gas Conference, Vienna


2 February – Platt’s 3rd Central and Eastern European Power Conference, Warsaw
4 February – Strategic Issues in UK and US Nuclear Markets (Westminster Energy Forum), London
9 February – Platt’s 3rd Annual European Gas Storage Summit, Budapest
9-13 February – Sustainable Energy Week (European Commission), Brussels
16 February – Financial Times special report: Working in Energy
16-19 February – International Petroleum Week, London
17-19 February – Energy from Waste, London
19 February Meeting of EU transport and energy ministers, Brussels
23 February – Solar Power Generation, Barcelona
24 February – Utility Street Works: Best Practice, keys to success (SBGI-ENA), London
24 February – Energy Industries Club, Nick Horler CEO Scottish Power, London
25 February – Nuclear Decommissioning 2009, Manchester


2 March – EU Environment Ministers debate including emissions legislation and environmental management
4-6 March – New Energy Finance Summit, London
5 March – After RBI-X – What Next? London
5 March –Energy Market Risk, Global Energy Advisory, London
9 March – Nuclear New Build Construction Challenges, London
9-12 March – The Doha Natural Gas Conference, Qatar
9-13 March – Flame, International Gas and LNG Conference Amsterdam
11 March – National Grid meeting at Elexon, London
11 March – British Wind Energy Association’s BWEA Connect with Norton Rose, London
11 March – Energy Prices with the Utility Strategy Group and Simmons & Simmons, London

16-17 March Energypact conference on Energy, Environment & Development, Geneva
16-19 March – European Wind Energy Conference, Marsaille
17 March – Nuclear New Build (Energy Institute), London
17 March – Transmission and Distribution Europe 2009, Barcelona
17-18 March – The Future of Utilities (IEA, Marketforce) , London
18 March – Clean Coal (Energy Institute), London
19 March – The Metering Forum (IEA, Marketforce) , London
24 March – Energy Industries Club, Paul Golby CEO Eon UK, London
24 March – $75 oil – a fair price? CGES Conference, London
25 March – Energy Technologies – Policy, Development & Deployment (Westminster Energy Forum), London
25 March Building the Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Future conference, Birmingham NEC
31 March – Adapting Your Energy Strategies for Turbulent Times, with the MEUC, Birmingham NEC
31 March-1 April – Carbon in the Environment, Health and Energy, Manchester


2 April – Platt’s European Renewable Energy Conference, Berlin
16 April – How Green is Your CRC, London
22 April – APX Energy Trading Symposium (with Moffatt Associates), Brussels
22-13 April International Small Wind (with the BWEA), Watford
28 April – Peak Gas ? Organised by the Economic Research Council, London
30 April- Energy Industries Club, Steve Holliday CEO National Grid, London
30 April British Wind Energy Association, Bath
30 April – 1 May – SHE 2009 (Safety, Health and the Environment) with Western Power Distribution and ERA, Bath


6-7 May Private Equity International (PEI) Global Energy Forum, London
19 May – Delivering UK & EU Renewables Targets (Westminster Energy Forum), London
12 May – The Energy Charter Treaty (Energy Institute), London
13 May Carbon Capture and Storage (Energy Institute), London
19-21 May NEMEX, Birmingham
28 May – Energy Industries Club, Vincent de Rivaz CEO EDF Energy, London


9-11 June European Future Energy Summit (Masdar), Bilbao
23-25 June – The Global LNG Congress, Istanbul


2 July – Annual Review of UK & EU Energy Policy & Regulation (Westminster Energy Forum), London



9-11 September – World Nuclear Association 34th Annual Symposium (WNA), London

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