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SEAC’s Lamarite® composite roofing slates are engineered to offer benefits that cannot be achieved with natural slates yet retaining their authentic look. They are made from a composition of innovative materials that are robust, fire-resistant and enduring, using an exclusive compression moulding technique. Lamarite’s performance has been accredited by the BBA and is backed by a 50 year warranty.

More Benefits
In comparison to natural slates, Lamarites® are so lightweight they do not stress structures, this is especially useful for refurbishing old buildings. They can be securely and easily nailed in place at markings provided, and because they are more robust and easy to handle, they are faster to install saving up to 75% of installation time. Cost savings can also be made on rejects due to breakage, typically about 15% in natural slates.

More Choices The natural beauty of Lamarite® is offered in five classic colours*: Slate Green, Mulberry, Dusk Grey, Midnight Black and Terra Cotta. Shingle widths of 5”, 7” and 12” are available. You can either create a uniform appearance or vary the look with different widths, exposure lengths, and accent colours.

* SEAC only stocks Dusk Grey in 7” & 12” widths, others need leadtime of 7 weeks.

More Options
A variation of pre-cut Lamarite® shingles are offered as options and accessories to add even more beauty to the roof and also convenience for the installer.

  • Scalloped and diamond-cut shingles for distinction
  • Pre-cut hip & ridge shingles for a more authentic slate appearance
  • Starter course shingles for faster installation and to help assure greater precision

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