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A Question of Time – Saint Gobain comes up with the EEZI Answer


Already established as offering the best performance in terms of fire resistance and sound insulation, Saint-Gobain Pipelines’ Ensign cast iron drainage system is now set to take on the competition for ease of installation. The new Ensign EEZI-FIT push-fit range of fittings and couplings for above ground gravity drainage combines the benefits of cast-iron performance with the simplicity of push-fit assembly.

Announcing this new innovation to the Ensign range, Mike Rawlings of Saint-Gobain Pipelines said: “Ensign has already established its position in the market as the most versatile system for above and below ground use, but we are always looking to develop the range to reflect market needs. The introduction of Ensign EEZI-FIT answers the call for a system that combines all the benefits of cast iron with a push fit installation method. The addition of a push-fit option reinforces Ensign’s position as the most versatile system on the market.”

Mechanical jointing will remain the favoured option for applications where internal drainage systems may need to be altered or extended in the future, or if there is a higher level of pressure capability required in case of blockages, such as internal rainwater systems. Whereas push-fit offers the perfect solution and is generally used for installations such as high-rise residential blocks where the main soil stacks are not likely to be changed over time and the system performance is no more than 0.5bar gravity pressure. However, because the EEZI-FIT range has been designed to the parameters of BS EN 877, both jointing methods can be used allowing ductile iron mechanical couplings to be used in certain sections of a push-fit system that may require dismantling at a later stage.

With the proven qualities of durability, strength, sustainability, fire resistance and acoustic performance, speed of installation is sometimes seen as a disadvantage for mechanically jointed cast iron systems, with the perception of a longer installation time adding to the overall cost of a project. According to Saint-Gobain, Ensign EEZI-FIT directly addresses that challenge and offers a speed and ease of installation comparable with other push-fit systems.

The Ensign EEZI-FIT range utilises the standard range of Ensign brackets, including the new acoustic bracket which has been tested to the new European Standard BS EN 14366:2004. Results from the tests proved that Ensign cast iron is significantly quieter than any other material – 4-5dB(A) airborne noise and up to 10dB(A) for structure borne noise, offering significant savings on acoustic insulation. So, for quality flats and apartments Ensign EEZI-FIT really is the perfect solution.

Ensign is the only cast-iron system kitemarked to BS EN 877. Ensign EEZI-FIT will also be kitemarked to the standard for gravity applications of 0.5 bar performance although it has been successfully tested to higher pressures. The new range features 100mm diameter push-fit fittings and coupling including a new radius branch with up to four boss options to connect to waste pipes available plain or with an access door. The range is red epoxy coated internally and externally and its joints are made with EPDM rubber gasket seals.

With the first phase of the Ensign EEZI-FIT range now available, Saint-Gobain Pipelines has also announced that a number of new fittings will follow by September. These will include a range of boss pipes with up to 3 waste connections, a double branch with boss options, and a new push-fit manifold connector with an extended spigot that will avoid the need for a joint in the floor slab.

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