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A quick electronic roomstat retrofit option gives householders more control, more efficiency and lower fuel bills


Timeguard’s new Programastat electronic room thermostats deliver advanced control technology to new installations and existing central heating systems alike, and can be used as straightforward replacements for inefficient old-style devices.
Electronic control, with familiar, easy-to-use dial controls, provides feedback that enables the controls to react immediately to changes in temperature, avoiding the over- and under-shoots (saw-toothing) of traditional thermostats.

When thermostats provide efficient control and better comfort levels, householders are not tempted to turn thermostats up – which does not make a room heat up any quicker.

For public areas or around children, there is tamperproof version of the Programastat wall thermostat. For more complex installations, multi-channel heating controllers are available in this new electronic range.

Programastats are available now. More information is available at www.timeguard.com. Alternatively call customer services 020 8452 1112 or email them at csc@Timeguard.com

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