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Addastone Gives Fastrack a Head Start


Addagrip’s Addastone resin-bound aggregate has been used for the surfacing of selected footpaths at ‘The Bridge’ development in Kent as part of the Fastrack project.

Fastrack is the new public transport system in Kent Thameside, which includes dedicated busways to bypass congestion hotspots. As part of the scheme, designers wanted an attractive yet hardwearing landscaping solution for two pedestrian areas.

One of the design requirements was to match the surfacing with an existing area of resin-bound surfacing in the developments, moving away from traditional black macadam to a more aesthetically pleasing type of surface.

Cirencester Civil Engineering (CCE) were contracted to surface the footpaths for the project’s main contractor McAlpine. Commenting on the project, Mike Sugg of CCE said, “We laid Addastone in 1-3mm Golden Pea because of its decorative qualities. Addastone is an attractive yet robust surface, strong enough to withstand both pedestrian and vehicle trafficking.”

Addastone uses aggregates bound with resin to create the appearance of loose gravel without any of the maintenance issues. The aggregates can be naturally sourced or created from recycled materials, allowing great scope with regards to design and finish. As a result, contractors were able to use an aggregate to blend with the existing surfacing and harmonise with an area of parkland in the Fastrack project.

Addastone forms part of Addagrip’s range of external surfacing products, which includes Addaset, Addastone TP, Surface Protector and 1000 System. Addagrip also offers a selection of flooring products for both interior and commercial applications.

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