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Advanced Controller Now Available Via SMS


Mitsubishi Electric has launched an SMS version of its unique M2M wireless air conditioning controller, to bring advanced air conditioning control and monitoring to handsets everywhere.

The Micro M2M controller builds on the success of the GPRS version, which has already been offering customers a relatively low-cost solution for both smaller premises that do not have Ethernet connections and larger corporations which cannot allow outside systems to link into their security networks and across firewalls.

“This Micro version provides even more cost benefits for sites where simple controls and monitoring are needed and it puts that control on your mobile phone,” explained Sebastien Desmottes, Product Marketing Liaison Manager.

Each Micro M2M can control up to eight indoor units at once and will cost under £400, which makes it much more accessible to a wider range of buildings.

Installation of the unit is the same as the popular Mini M2M system with the small box wired to the indoor units and able to send warning, performance and temperature data to a mobile phone.

Simple control functions such as turning the systems off or on and setting the temperature can also be sent back to the system via text.

Mitsubishi Electric has also made registering the system straightforward as is the range of basic control functions. The system will also send detailed fault reports so that engineers are aware of any problems immediately and can take appropriate parts and spares on their first visit to site, thereby improving the service to customers and cutting down on travel.

“With the massive growth in text as a form of communication and mobile phones as a means of accessing these messages, it seemed a logical step to develop a simpler version of what is already an easy to use system so that we can provide customers with control at their fingertips, wherever they are,” added Desmottes.

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