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Airedale adds efficient heat pump option to StoreMaster


Airedale has added a highly efficient reverse cycle heat pump option to its proven StoreMaster range of fully packaged / split system air conditioning units. The dual circuit heat pump offers the flexibility of cooling or heating dependant on the season and provides 3kW of heating energy for each kW of electrical input power.

Also new to the StoreMaster is the refrigerant R410A and EC supply air fans. These complement the product’s enhanced energy-efficient technology which includes electronic expansion valves, hydrophilic coils and on the cooling only version, tandem scroll compressors.

The StoreMaster now utilises Airedale’s most advanced microprocessor software control. The intelligent, modulating AireTronix microprocessor manages and self-optimises the system’s cooling-only / free-cooling / heat pump cycles. The network-capable, fully-programmable controller can be integrated with a wide range of BMS protocols.

Available in 50kW / 77kW cooling capacities, the StoreMaster is primarily externally mounted as a packaged unit, but can be positioned inside a building as a split system. Designed to support heavy ductwork, the StoreMaster is ideal for comfort cooling of superstore warehouses, department stores and other large retail outlets.

The cooling only version features two stage single circuit DX cooling for improved efficiency during part load operating conditions. It also offers simultaneous mechanical / free-cooling designed to achieve 0-100% free-cooling, offering substantial energy savings throughout the year.

The top unit return and supply air duct connections make the StoreMaster a compact and easy ‘plug and play’ system to install. The ease of installation can be further enhanced with the optional integrated return air fan. Removable access panels and simple filter replacement enables straightforward access for both service and maintenance on all major components.

The supply air fan speed can be preset at a constant design air volume and then will automatically modulate when operating static pressure increases. This reduces commissioning set up times whilst increasing filter life, thus optimising overall unit performance. Commissioning and installation set up times are also reduced because fan speeds can be varied within seconds via the Airetronix display and the return air and condenser fans are voltage controlled as standard (high efficiency inverter option available).

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