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AmbiRad flies high at Coastguard helicopter hangars


Providing rapid, targeted response to changing conditions, Nor-Ray-Vac continuous radiant tube heating offered the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) the unique opportunity to maintain a consistent temperature for two of their helicopter hangars.

For the Osprey Hangar situated at Portland, Dorset and the Daedalus Hangar at Lee on Solent, Hampshire, this solution provided the MCA with the best maintenance and storage conditions. Developed by the leader in efficient heating systems, AmbiRad, it meant that even when the vast doors were opened, the primary heat source was not lost.

Each hangar has a door that takes up one entire side. As these frequently open to allow the helicopters to manoeuvre outside, the temperature inside can swiftly drop. In winter, this can leave maintenance workers in single figure temperatures, posing a serious hazard.

However, with the Nor-Ray-Vac system in place, this threat is eliminated. This is made possible as the advanced system emits low-intensity heat with even distribution, creating comfortable conditions for staff at all times.

It directs the heat to exactly where it’s needed, whilst by clever system design it diverts it away from the tops of the valuable aircraft. This affords them important protection and prevents heat from being directed straight onto workers working on top of the helicopters.

To ensure the systems covered the hangars’ exact needs, each were designed a bespoke solution. For Portland’s two bay hangar, six Nor-Ray-Vac were specified; four with 46kW LR burners and two with 38LR burners. At Lee on Solent a total of nine Nor-Ray-Vac 46kW LR Burners were installed to serve its three bay hangar.

As well as providing high quality heating services, the Nor-Ray-Vac system provides the structures with significant energy savings. Featuring up to 92% combustion efficiency, whilst reducing or eliminating heat loss, the AmbiRad solution maximises heating potential whilst minimising energy use.

Now completed, it is one of a line of successful projects completed by AmbiRad for aviation premises, including four hangars in Leicestershire at RAF Cottesmore.

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