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AmbiRad radiant heating is the plane solution at Stansted


For a state-of-the-art heating system for a new hangar at London’s third busiest airport, London Stansted – there was only one choice – Nor-Ray-Vac continuous radiant tube heating from AmbiRad. Used extensively across many civil and military hangars, it is a proven, highly efficient system that offers rapid heat recovery time and promises considerable cost savings over its lifecycle.

Airplane hangars are typically high bay open-air structures with one large hangar door on one end to accommodate the sheer wingspan of an aircraft. When large hangar doors are opened, heat is quickly displaced with cold outside air. When doors are closed, the heating cycle must start all over again.

Leading European supplier of heating systems AmbiRad worked with consultant E+M Tecnica and contractor Ceilite Air Conditioning Ltd on designing a system which took into consideration both the cavernous space and the heat loss from the frequent opening of the hanging doors. The Nor-Ray-Vac continuous gas fired radiant tube system has a rapid heat recovery time ensuring this 4500 m2 hangar stays warm.

AmbiRad provided the Nor-Ray-Vac system which has 24 x NRV 46kW LR burners, arranged in 4 zones, each zone with a vacuum fan extracting products of combustion to the atmosphere. The burners and end vents of the NRV system conform to the latest European Gas Appliance regulations (EN 777) for multi-burner systems.

The 24 burner NRV system is suspended at 13.5 metres above the finished floor level and will provide heat for this 4500m2 building. Combined with a SmartCom computerised controller, these efficient units have reduced running costs and qualify for inclusion on the inclusion on the Government’s Energy Technology List (ETL) and receive tax relief under the ECA scheme.

SmartCom incorporates self-adapting optimised start-up to ensure increased comfort and cost savings. SmartCom enables the heating to be networked across multiple zones, with the advantage that varying work patterns and operational temperatures within the same building can be taken into account – adding to the system’s energy saving capability.

AmbiRad’s Nor-Ray-Vac heating system is the cost and energy efficient method of heating Stansted’s new hangar which will not only reduce the time for warming the jets but also provide a more comfortable and healthier environment.

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