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AMR Masonry Reinforcement & Panel Design


Ancon AMR is a fabricated steel reinforcement that locates in bed joints to strengthen masonry panels without thickening the wall. The longitudinal wires are flattened to less than 3mm to ensure good mortar cover is achieved, even when the product is lapped.

Ancon Masonry Reinforcement (AMR) is manufactured in five wire diameters and four widths. It suits a wide range of structural load conditions and wall widths up to 215mm.

It is manufactured in stainless steel and galvanised steel and supplied in a standard length of 2700mm. Stainless steel provides the greatest corrosion resistance, life-cycle costing benefits and is 100% recyclable.

New to the range is AMR-CJ, which can be used in the construction of collar-jointed walls. The product consists of flat ties welded to flattened longitudinal wires and is supplied in a standard width of 175mm to suit a wall width of 215mm comprising of either standard bricks or 100mm blocks.

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