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Amtech Expands BIM Data Services To Include Intelligent Data Content for Revit MEP 2013


Amtech, the market-leading software developer for the UK Building Services Industry, is expanding its product offerings to include intelligent data content for Autodesk® Revit® MEP via Building Data™ SysQue™ (“SysQue”), pursuant to a recently announced strategic product and technology partnership between Amtech and Building Data, LLC.

SysQue managed data content, powered by the Building Data database, is a cloud-based software as a service that enables designers, engineers and contractors to design in Revit MEP using real-world, manufacturing-specific content that’s ready for fabrication and meets the detailing, fabrication, manufacturing, and installation requirements of MEP contractors.

Amtech’s new partnership with Building Data will extend Amtech’s lead in MEP Design, Estimating and Project Management software and its Information Services (Luckins) to include Building Information Modeling (BIM) with Revit MEP content — available directly through LuckinsLive, the online portal for price and labour data used by the majority of UK contractors’ estimating and purchasing systems. Using SysQue, Revit MEP 2013 is enhanced to model systems with materials and sizes based on actual manufacturer products by name and part number. SysQue web services offered by Amtech will extend the Revit MEP BIM data to include Luckins material cost, labor values, submittal documents and procurement part numbers, and also includes Excel reporting – making the model data-rich and ready for a multitude of additional functions – including cost analysis, prefabrication, manufacturing and installation.

“Providing this additional level of real-world, manufacturer BIM data for creating detailed, constructible models directly in Revit furthers Amtech’s unique advantage of fostering product integration for improved customer productivity and efficiency,” commented Amtech’s CEO, Mark Tindall. “Going forward, our customers will be able to compile detailed Estimates or generate Bills of Material directly from their Revit MEP models – while still using the Luckins data services they’ve depended on for years.”

For additional information, visit: www.amtech.co.uk and www.sysque.net

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