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Amtech launches Service Manager Mobile for Android


Amtech launches Service Manager Mobile for Android

Amtech, the market-leading software developer for the UK building services industry, has launched Service Manager Mobile for use on the Android mobile platform. Service Manager Mobile works in conjunction with the Service Manager desktop application to improve visibility of job and engineer status and to maximise the productivity of service engineers while they are on site.

Suitable for use with all Android tablets and smartphones, Service Manager Mobile maintains regular communication with the desktop application by ‘polling’ at pre-determined intervals (e.g. every 60 seconds). In doing so it receives job information from the office and transmits data such as change of job status and GPS tracking information back to base. Job and engineer status is then automatically updated in the desktop application so that service managers have a strategic overview in real time.

Service Manager Mobile incorporates a host of advanced features to improve communication and ensure mobile engineers are provided with all relevant information. For example, in the case of planned preventative maintenance the job information can include multiple equipment items and service information such as forecast hours and spares requirements.

Once the jobs have been accepted by the engineer a ‘job response history’ is created in the desktop application that records travel and work progress, along with any additional information and file attachments (e.g. photos). Incomplete jobs are also recorded and their progress tracked.

Spares and mileage values, as well as other cost-related information, are assigned to relevant Job Costs in the Service Manager desktop.

Amtech Group CEO Mark Tindall commented: “Service Manager Mobile is the most recent development from an ongoing programme that will see the benefits of mobile communications being introduced to a wide range of applications. Built on feedback from customers, our mobile applications are designed to add value to users’ businesses by boosting productivity and improving profitability”.

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