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Apreco relieve the pressure


Following a detailed market analysis in the summer of 2007 Apreco have launched a new range of Pressure Relief Vents specifically aimed at the Gas Fire Suppression Market.

The FSV range of vents have been designed and package to meet with the demands of Apreco’s customers, providing them with a quality product that will be delivered on time.

The FSV Range has been extensively tested, and utilises quality materials and manufacturing techniques for levels of consistently, assured high quality. All FSV units are assembled in-house by our trained technicians to ensure quality control.

Attention to detail is the hallmark of an Apreco product, the FSV range continues with this philosophy; being designed to allow controlled thermal expansion in the event of a fire.

The FSV Pressure Relief Vent has been successfully tested at the acclaimed Building Research Establishment (BRE), meeting the performance criteria for a 2 hour fire resistance test to EN1363-1.

Standard sizes are available for both internal and external wall installation. The units can be purchased as standalone units or in kit form.

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