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Aqua-Grade by Impey – an innovative design for fitting wetrooms in concrete floors


We are all aware of the current economical crisis the UK is suffering at the moment. House prices are falling and estate agents are selling less than one property a week. With this in mind consumers are looking to update their existing homes to increase their value. A wetroom makes a statement and adds real value to any property.

Impey’s innovative Aqua-Grade wetroom floor former is the perfect product to use when fitting a wetroom into a new build or extension. The design allows for it to be laid at the same time as the concrete floor and produces a perfect 1:40 gradient. You simply fit the colour coded sections of the Aqua-Grade matrix together to form a pattern and then screed over the top. The modular construction of the matrix system means that the wetroom area can be as big or as small as necessary. It is suitable for use with insulated floors and compatible with underfloor heating.

Impey can provide you with everything that is needed to install a wetroom, saving you time and money. Please visit www.impey-showers.com to see our full range of pumps, drainage, waterproofing, underfloor heating and shower screens. Impey is also a wetroom training Centre of Excellence.

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