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Ariston has supplied a GENUS HE 30kW combination boiler which is providing heating and domestic hot water for JSB.SWIM’s new teaching pool facility. Jackie Butler has been teaching swimming for over 15 years and last year invested in a new, purpose-built, 6.8m x 3.3m pool adjacent to her home in the Beacon Hill area of Newark. Here, she teaches swimming to all ages, from babies to adults including special needs and, with wheelchair access to the pool and changing facilities, can also accommodate pupils with disabilities.

The SEDBUK Band A rated GENUS HE 30kW boiler was selected by Cooper Plumbing of Mansfield due to its build quality, high level of energy efficiency and the excellent back-up provided by Ariston. A spokesman commented: “We have fitted a number of these boilers in the past and have always been highly satisfied. We have found them simple to commission and have had absolutely no problems with them once fitted.” The boiler supplies space heating, via an air handling unit and radiators, as well as hot water to the pool, the changing room shower and the wash hand basin in the separate toilet. It is located in the plantroom which adjoins the pool room and is fitted with a rear-facing. room-sealed, fanned flue. All Ariston boilers are designed to be completely adaptable to every possible flue situation, with a wide range of flue pipe accessories available.

The GENUS HE boiler offers a number of significant operational benefits not available with other central heating boilers on the market: the energy saving AUTO function, which provides energy savings greater than those normally associated with high efficiency boilers; the sophisticated TIMER function, the INFO function showing status, history and diagnostic information in clear scrolling text and the COMFORT function which provides almost instantaneous hot water.

The AUTO Function provides intelligent management of the indoor temperature by automatically selecting the ideal temperature for the central heating circuit, gradually increasing the temperature of the system water and eliminating peaks in the flow until the room reaches the desired temperature. Temperature control is therefore achieved smoothly, without turning the boiler on and off, eliminating thermal stress and resulting in higher levels of energy efficiency.

GENUS HE’s digital TIMER function allows the user to set the operating period via 24 hour and 7 day programmes in 15 minute bands, with two zone temperature management as standard. Digital status indication, operating history and diagnostic error information generated by the INFO function is displayed on an LCD screen on the front of the boiler, making it particularly user-friendly. This function also allows the installer to key in his contact details for call-out and maintenance purposes. The COMFORT function delivers almost instantaneous domestic hot water by using the pre-heat process, reducing the waiting period to just 5 seconds.

In addition to SEDBUK Band A rating, indicating maximum energy efficiency, the GENUS HE boiler range also features, low NOX and an impressive 5 year guarantee as standard. Whilst operating with a simple room thermostat in this installation the GENUS HE range is compatible with a wide range of accessories. When used in conjunction with the AUTO function these products result in even higher levels of energy efficiency.

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