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BBA certification for Triton’s Watertight Concrete System


BBA certification for Triton's Watertight Concrete System

Triton TT Admix, a concrete admixture manufactured by Triton Systems, has been awarded BBA certification. Designed to provide Type B structural waterproofing as defined in BS 8102 (2009), TT Admix is added to concrete at the time of batching. The active chemicals in TT Admix react with fresh concrete, to generate insoluble crystalline growths that seal the concrete against water penetration, and protect it against harsh environmental conditions.

When specified with Triton’s pre-formed waterstop and expansion products that seal poured, in-situ construction joints, it delivers a complete and permanent watertight concrete construction system. The system is backed up by Triton’s technical expertise, site inspection regime and warranty.

This latest BBA certification means that Triton can offer architects and other specifying organisations, such as the NHBC and local authorities, a complete range of BBA certified waterproofing systems suitable for use in all types of projects from domestic basements to multi-level, below ground car parks.

Triton is also a RIBA approved CPD provider and offers a seminar covering the specification of Type B waterproofing systems. More information is available from tritonsystems.co.uk

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