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Beko's new induction hob: built-in appeal for housebuilders


Beko, a leading UK appliance manufacturer, has expanded its range to include a new induction hob that complements the Beko Built-in range. Stylishly designed and packed with a range of functional features, the new induction hob offers a modern alternative to the gas hob, a high quality, affordable option for housebuilders and their potential buyers.

The induction hob complements the Beko Built-in range, with a combination of speed, controllability and economy. “The induction hob is a welcome addition to Beko’s selection of built-in appliances and represents a continuation of our commitment to offering high quality, affordable products packed with usable features that match today’s consumers requirements says ” Les Wicks, Head of Product and Buying, Beko plc:

With nine cooking levels per zone, the induction hob cooks food quickly and efficiently, saving time and energy. It is simple to use with touch controls, LED power level indicators, and individual time controls on each of the four zones with an end time buzzer. The unique induction operation ensures that all the energy is used to heat the pan; speed and controllability are the essence of hob cooking and the Beko induction hob gives you this – and makes cleaning up after cooking easier. The lower surface temperature of the ceramic glass and its frameless black ceramic surface ensures easy cleaning and maintenance. A child lock adds to the safety features.

“The new induction hob includes many additional touches designed to appeal to housebuilders, designers, contractors and homebuyers alike,” says Wicks.

“Consumers will appreciate the efficient heating method, stylish black design and easy-to-clean ceramic surface, while housebuilders, kitchen designers and installers will recognise the competitive affordability that will help them keep costs down and profits up in this challenging commercial market.”

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