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Bespoke VMZINC for London's Wallace Collection


The Wallace Collection houses 25 galleries of French 18th century paintings and one of London's most important Rococo collections. Working with John O’Connell Architects and Purcell Miller Tritton VMZINC supplied zinc bullseye dormers which were designed to enhance the classical appearance of the roof while disguising ventilation outlets. Pre-weathered Quartz-zinc® standing seam was selected to break up the surface of the upper slopes while lightwell projections were also clad in zinc to provide an unobtrusive blend within the roofscape. The new roof will enable ceilings in the east galleries to be restored to their former elegance and glory.

Quartz-zinc® was chosen for its traditional, lasting appearance, sustainability, low maintenance and long life expectancy. Its muted grey colour is similar to lead and blends well with natural slate and a variety of other building materials. Zinc’s malleability makes it ideal for intricate detailing and was a major factor influencing selection.

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