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Two technical manuals just published by Hanson Building Products are definitive appraisals of aircrete and aggregate blocks for both specifiers and users.

Produced in loose leaf, ringbinder form to enable regular updates to be included, each manual is designed for quick and easy reference.

The Aircrete Blocks Technical Manual is prefaced with key detail on Hanson Thermalite's considerable sustainability and environmental benefits and follows with colour-coded sections on product data, design detailing, performance and sitework.

Individual products within the Thermalite range are afforded separate detailed attention, but perhaps one of the greatest merits for building designers is the degree of information provided on essential elements such as thermal insulation, air permeability, fire protection, sound insulation, moisture penetration and frost resistance. The design detailing section includes full colour sectional drawings showing the use of aircrete blocks in foundations, floors, external and partition walls.

Contractors will value the sitework section, which considers health and safety factors, workability, fixings, internal and external finishes.

Finally, to underline its firm commitment to modern methods of construction, Hanson has devoted a complete chapter to thin joint masonry, showing how it can improve build quality, and offer time and cost savings: data on its use with Thermalite blocks is supported by independent speed trial tests conducted by chartered surveyor Percy Howes.

Following much the same pattern, Hanson's Aggregate Blocks Technical Manual takes an equally close look at the extensive range of facing, paint grade and background blocks, and their role in a wide range of building applications.

To apply for your copy of either the Aggregate Block Technical Manual, or the Thermalite Technical Manual, please contact 08705 258258 or email blocks@hanson.biz.

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