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BNE delivers bite-sized learning opportunity for Specifiers and Buyers


BusinessNet Explorer is an evolving bite-sized learning platform – delivering product news and information for product Specifiers and Buyers in the Construction & Building Services industry and associated Manufacturing and Energy sectors – in engaging Audio, Visual and Audio/Visual formats – via its Virtual Exhibition and Podcast Channels.

Specifiers and Buyers can learn about new products, product range updates, branding updates, exhibition appearances, explore case studies and application stories, find out about new CPD’s and Webinars – and listen to the BNE Product News ‘Brand Leader’ interview series of podcasts – to hear manufacturer thought leaders discuss state-of-the-art product innovations – designed to meet and often exceed the latest industry product specification requirements.

A spokesperson for BusinessNet Explorer revealed how the BNE platform can also support Continuing Professional Development for specifiers and buyers ”BNE is a hub of bite-sized / micro-learning product news and information content that allows Manufacturers to reach ‘on the move’ multi-workspace based specifiers and buyers via its Virtual Exhibition and Podcast Channels in engaging ‘easy to digest’’ educational chunks, that in many cases, such as the ‘Brand Leader’ interviews that are also available in Audio podcast format on Google Podcasts, Apple / iTunes and Spotify and the case studies/application stories that can also be found in our Audio/Visual podcast library, could go toward meeting any targets that may be set for annual ‘Reflective CPD / Passive Learning and ‘Self-Directed / Unstructured Learning’ CPD points. Each podcast has a transcript to support learning and CPD”

Dave Marshall-George, Sales Director at Humidification specialist manufacturer Condair, interviewed recently by Mick de Leiburne for a BNE ‘Brand Leader’ podcast explains, “Podcasts are a great way for engineers to listen and learn whilst in their car or on their way to work. We wanted to engage with this bite-sized learning channel to deliver useful information on a topic we are seeing more and more interest in from consultants and AHU companies. Our short podcast on evaporative cooling is very easy listening and perfect for a 10-minute coffee break escape.”

Click to hear the Condair Podcast: https://soundcloud.com/businessnetexplorer/construction-building-services-bne-product-news-condair-brand-leader-interview

To catch up with the latest industry product news and information in ‘easy to digest’ bite-sized learning formats – wherever and whenever you are available – just visit www.BusinessNetExplorer.com