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Bona ensures slip resistance in busy food service area


Bona Traffic HD Anti-Slip provides a perfect durable finish for a busy food service areaA combination of a primer and non-slip, waterborne lacquer from Bona has been used to renovate the oak plank floor in a busy food service area at the Thorpe Park Hotel & Spa, Leeds. The Bona technical team wrote the specification to meet the performance criteria required by the hotel and the treatment was carried out by John Garner, a Bona certified contractor. The Bona finishes used were supplied by Taylored Flooring of Cheadle, Cheshire.

Bona Intense primer delivers a subtle grain enriching effect on medium to dark species and was chosen to replicate the look of the original floor.  Slip resistance, especially when the surface is wet, was an important requirement as the floor is installed in the hotel’s busy conference café where food and drink is served throughout the day.  Bona Traffic HD Anti Slip was therefore the obvious choice of finish with its combination of high durability and low level slip potential. The slip resistance of this new formulation lacquer surpasses the HSE’s low level slip classification of 36+ when tested using the Pendulum (CoF) test.

Prior to the primer and lacquer treatment, John Garner used high performance Bona Ceramic adhesives to sand the pre-finished surface back to bare wood then finished the sanding process using Bona Zirconium mix anti-static abrasives.

Floors finished with all versions of Bona Traffic HD can be put back into full use after just 12 hours – making these lacquers the perfect choice for commercial areas where avoiding downtime is a key requirement.

Gordon Jackson, General Manager at the hotel said, “Our conference café is an incredibly busy area where guests from our 21 meeting rooms congregate to enjoy our fabulous all-day offering. It’s important that it looks fresh and inviting throughout the day and we’re delighted with the lift that this treatment has given the area.”

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