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Bona inspires with new concepts in floor trends


The renowned Swedish company Bona is setting the trend in floor styling with ”Bona Inspiration”, a unique concept in designing fashionable floor styles. In collaboration with the internationally recognized trend analyst Cay Bond, their sight is now set on the floor as a crucial design detail.

Interior design and home decoration has long been influenced and inspired by trends, but floor renovation has been lagging one step behind. Bona wants to change that, and in collaboration with Cay Bond who has more than 30 years’ experience of trends within fashion, design and interiors, Bona has created an entirely new concept –  to inspire and create on-trend styles and flooring effects.

Bona has been at the forefront of floor renovations and maintenance for a long time. This solid knowledge is now enhanced with inspiration and guidance in flooring trends to create the right ambience in the home.

– We have developed a concept which can create the right style and effect on a wooden floor using our products and techniques. With the right treatment, you can preserve the soul of the floor while producing a whole new look without installing a new floor. With Bona’s extensive product range, you can make magic from an existing floor in only a few hours, says Patrik Mellnert, Product Manager at Bona.

The Bona Inspiration concept includes an inspiration palette encompassing a range of interior design styles in which the wooden floors play an important role, and Bona’s sanding and brushing methods, varnishes, oils and paints can bring new life to a wooden floor. The future trends presented by Bona in their unique concept includes everything from dark, rustic floors to floors with a pale, lacquered finish. To restyle old wooden floors is not only sustainable, it’s also beautiful and a trend of the future.

The concept will be launched in Europe, USA and Asia in 2018.

For further information, please contact:

Bona Senior Vice President Product Management and Marketing,
Björn Saalbach,

Bona Product Manager,
Patrik Mellnert,
+46 40 38 73


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