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Bona introduces a new, professional care and maintenance program for wood and resilient floors


Based on a century of experience in wood floor treatment, Bona’s revolutionary new floor care program for both wood and resilient sets a new paradigm in floor care. This new program offers much more than just great detergents; it provides floor care professionals with expert guidance, sustainable products and solutions required to protect and maintain floors, ensuring they remain beautiful for longer.

Developed for professional cleaners, caretakers, building service contractors and traditional wood floor contractors, this innovative program enables the floor owner to more effectively protect their investments, revitalizing the floor surfaces with new, revolutionary methods.

From oiled to finished floors, Bona offers high performing, fast and time saving care and maintenance solutions. A FIBA approved range of products, uniquely designed for sport floors is also included in the program.

As part of the Bona Care Program, Bona offers a unique possibility to restore or redesign worn and damaged rubber, PVC, PU, vinyl and linoleum floors, eliminating the need for full floor replacement. This reduces downtime by an impressive 50%, resulting in considerable savings for the floor owners.

“The new Bona Care Program for wood and resilient floors provides effective processes and professional support, enabling the building service contractors to offer optimal service and care that extends the life of floors and retains their original appearance for longer. We strongly believe that this will be a real game-changer for the industry,” said Davide Cavalleri, Sales Manager Jan San & Rental EMEA/APAC.

The Bona Care Program includes processes and products allowing everything from full renovation and recoating to daily cleaning resulting in a prolonged life of the floor and fresh looks. The program can be used in all types of environments – commercial areas as offices and hotels, to sports halls and airports.

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