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BRE – What it means to your school


With the focus of the Department for Education & Skills on the development and procurement of sustainable schools, every product and process in your school is under scrutiny. So when Heckmondwike FB was awarded with a Green Guide ‘A' by the Building Research Establishment (BRE), that was great news for schools they have or are planning to work with.

When the BRE was appointed by DfES to develop environmental assessment method for schools, it signified their commitment to reducing the environmental impact of building materials when specifying components of major buildings.

Schools are being given a standard rating (good, v.good, excellent) depending on how they score in various categories.

“The Environment profiles are created by identifying and assessing the environmental effects of building materials over their entire life cycle” said Heckmondwike FB Marketing Manager Abby Chandler, “This standardised method of collecting and analysing data ensures a ‘level playing field' for comparing the environmental profiles of different flooring ranges and types”

Heckmondwike FB has been supplying fibre bonded carpet and carpet tiles to the education and public sectors for over 30 years. The ‘A' rating for fibre bonded carpet and carpet tiles submitted for environmental profiling, along with the full accreditation to the Environment Management System ISO 14001 shows our commitment to the education sector and the environment. So being a Heckmondwike FB customer, helps your school make the grade.

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