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Brick Development Association Publishes Sustainability Leaflet


As was one of the first UK industrial sectors to publish its sustainability policy, the brick industry established key performance indicators as early as 2002 to assess its progress in matching the targets and aspirations defined in its own sustainability strategy.

The Brick Development Association (BDA) which represents the majority of the United Kingdom and Ireland's clay brick and paver industries has now published the Industry's sustainability credentials in a leaflet entitled; “Brick: Building A Sustainable Resource For The Future”.

Sustainability is not just about recycling or the use of carbon-free materials. Nor is it just about the embodied energy accrued through the processes of sourcing, production and transport. It is about the whole-life energy consumption of a product. The crucial additional element in any sustainability calculations is how much it costs to look after a product once it has become part of a building. This is where brick scores against competing materials.

The brochure provides crucial information for everyone involved in the specification of brick and masonry walling systems, including architects, engineers, planners, specifiers, developers, builders and property developers. All the facts laid down in it are fully supported by research and independent assessments.

Katherina Lewis, Marketing Manager for the BDA says, “We're keen to show the industry why brick is best and why it ticks all the boxes as a natural building material. The BDA continues to invest heavily in promoting the benefits of brick and by publishing our sustainability credentials in this way helps to support the brick industry by dispelling any misconceptions about using brick, including cost, durability and environmental issues”.

“Brick: Building A Sustainable Resource For The Future” can be viewed and downloaded from the BDA's website at www.brick.org.uk/sustainabilitythefacts.

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