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Bridging the Gap with Timbmet


Repairing a bridge is a meticulous task that requires the combination of precision engineering with materials that offer proven strength and performance. This was the task facing Wilf Noble Civil Engineering of Whitby but, with the help of timber sourced and supplied by leading timber supplier, Timbmet, an ideal solution was achieved. The bridge in question in need of renovation was the 414ft long Scarborough Bridge, originally opened to the public in 1827. This historic spa bridge required extensive renovation work to the decking and walkways supports.

The solution involved Timbmet sourcing specialist Ekki timber, a dark heartwood which grows on the West coast of Africa and which is renowned for its strength, durability and resistance to decay. The original construction of the bridge involved the edge timbers being spliced to the main support beams, but over time, these began to sag, with heavy corrosion affecting the safety and strength of the connections holding the timber in place.

Timbmet’s manufacturing team took on the task of sourcing the timber and accurately machining the beams allowing the connections to fit precisely. Now the beams span the entire width of the deck, without affecting the trademark wrought iron arches supporting the bridge. Finally, Wilf Noble repainted the surface of the new deck, matched and textured to complement the existing footways.

Alex Peoples of Wilf Noble is delighted with the engineering achievement. “Working with the Timbmet manufacturing team was a pleasure. They were helpful, knowledgeable and professional. The accuracy of the machining enabled us to fit the timbers without problems; the overall service was very good which ensured that the project ran smoothly.”

This was echoed by the client, North Yorkshire County Council, whose chief bridge engineer, John Smith expressed delight with the finished result. “A great deal of forethought has gone into the engineering of this project and I think the bridge now looks magnificent, something that everyone in Scarborough can be very proud of.”

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