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Kent based Intumescent Systems Ltd has successfully secured a massive contract to supply millions of the Envirograf brand of fire protective gaskets to a variety of top European electrical manufacturers of sockets and switches.

With stringent fire regulations now being enforced, the electrical manufacturers have seen compelling evidence of fire tests on an unprotected socket in a fire. The evidence shows how the front plate of an electrical socket when attacked by fire, would either disintegrate or sag forward in minutes, leaving the box at the complete mercy of the fire. Without any protection, the fire would be able to rapidly enter the socket, and pass unopposed through the cavity of the wall, and fiercely spread along the cables to other parts of the building.

Extensive European and UK fire protection tests on Envirograf gaskets have shown that when attacked by fire, these gaskets will expand to form a formidable fire barrier in the socket box and offer a minimum integrity of 87 minutes. This incredible resistance will dramatically reduce the fire spreading to other parts of the building and allow the buildings occupants, ample time to safely evacuate. The reduction of fires in the home and business is absolutely essential to avoid serious injury or death and this contract will see millions of European homes and businesses finally comply with the regulations. In the UK all electrical boxes must be fitted with fire protective gaskets to meet the 17th Edition IEE & Building Regulations.

Derek Ward (Managing Director of Intumescent Systems Ltd) feels that all existing electrical boxes currently in use should be fitted with these important gaskets and from less than 50p they could save many lives and reduce damage to property.

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