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British Gas commences use of Hep2O plastic system


British Gas (the UK’s leading supplier of services to energy customers) has recently started using Hep2O plastic systems alongside, or instead of Copper for installations. This now means that British Gas’s network of around 10,000+ engineers and the many thousands of heating projects they install and maintain each year, will be able to benefit from Hep2O’s multiple advantages in both installation and use.

For installers, the product is quick, simple and safe to use and is backed by an industry-leading 50-year guarantee, a UK-wide distribution network and comprehensive technical support. The customer benefits from a product that will never be compromised by either scale or corrosion and is quieter in use than more traditional equivalents.

Gareth Samuel, Wavin Product Manager Comments “British Gas went through a rigorous process in selecting a plastic system, and by adding Hep2O to their approved products they are giving installers the choice to select the most appropriate product for the installation.”

Gareth adds “We are delighted to be involved with British Gas and will be working with their training academies to show installers how to maximise the benefits of the system, and save valuable time on their installations”

Another major innovation incorporated into this product is In4Sure™ joint recognition and HepKey™ secure demounting.

Developed to give installers a fool-proof means to test that a joint is secure, the In4Sure™ ‘joint recognition’ technology allows the user to simply push in the pipe and twist so they can ‘feel the rumble’. The profiled end of the re-designed SmartSleeve™ interacts with castellations inside the Hep2O fitting to know that they have made a fully secure connection.

The HepKey™ demounting system allows the system to be adjustable but secure, so that pipes can be released easily and quickly as the HepKey Plus™ releases the grab-ring within the fitting allowing removal of the pipe from the otherwise tamperproof joint; while the smaller pocket size HepKey™ provides a handy pocket-size alternative. Hep2O pipes and fittings are available in four diameters: 10, 15, 22 and 28mm.

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