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Bunded Oil Tanks


Oil is the Number 1 fuel choice for domestic heating and cooking in ‘off mains’ areas across the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland. Today over two million homeowners and householders enjoy the benefits of oil heating… and in some parts of the country, more homeowners and householders have chosen oil, than mains gas, solid fuel, electricity and LPG combined!

The majority of oil heating systems in the UK are fueled by Kerosene – a highly refined, low sulphur fuel, similar to that used in jet aircraft. When installed and maintained correctly, heating oil is an also inherently safe fuel choice. Unlike mains gas or LPG, oil is not even flammable at standard room temperatures. Affordable, safe, and clean burning, oil heating is an environmentally responsible fuel choice.

Harlequin 1100ENV Bunded Oil TankAt the heart of any oil heating installation is an oil storage tank, providing a safe and secure store of fuel on-site. And at many domestic oil storage installations, Single Skin Oil Tanks are now becoming a thing of the past. Instead, they are being superseded by a new generation of environmentally preferred, Bunded Oil Tanks.

Unlike Single Skin Oil Tanks, a Bunded Oil Tank consists of a tank within a tank and incorporates inbuilt protection against pollution. The oil is stored in the inner tank, whilst the outer tank – or ‘bund’ – acts as a failsafe. So in the unlikely event of a spillage, surplus fuel will be safely and securely contained within the bund and an environmental pollution incident will be avoided.

Bunded Oil Tanks have been proven to dramatically reduce the risk of oil pollution and have long been the norm in many mainland European Union countries. So it’s perhaps not surprising that across the United Kingdom, government legislation now requires that the majority of new and replacement tanks at domestic premises, should be Bunded Oil Tanks. Similar requirements also exist in the Republic of Ireland.

Research undertaken by Harlequin in 2007, demonstrated that over 90% of new and replacement domestic oil tanks, should be Bunded. Installing a Single Skin Oil Tank where a Bunded Oil Tank is required is represent a criminal offence, punishable by heavy fines. However, with a new generation of Bunded Oil Tanks available, designed especially for domestic installations, you can relax… regulatory compliance has never been easier!

Harlequin PG1300 Polyrock Granite Bunded Oil TankHarlequin’s Bunded Oil Tank range is growing all the time and currently consists of 46 different models, available in a choice of 13 different capacities, from 350 litres to over 10,000 litres.

Irrespective of model or capacity chosen, all standard domestic models are supplied complete with factory fitted fill, inspection and vent points; a choice of outlet position; a spillage detector; and even a remote Apollo electronic oil tank contents gauge which allows you to monitor the level of oil in your tank outside, from the warmth and convenience of being inside! And to make sure your oil is as secure as it is safe, every Harlequin Bunded Oil Tank is supplied complete with lockable manhole access and lockable fill point as standard. So whether you live in a country cottage or a castle, there’s almost certainly a Harlequin Bunded Oil Tank to suit.

Harlequin’s unique Polyrock Bunded Oil Tank range builds upon the success of the Standard Bunded Oil Tank range, but allows you to choose from a choice of Sandstone or Granite effects.

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