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Caravan centre enjoys year-round comfort with Reznor


Simpsons Motor Caravan Centre in Great Yarmouth has reduced its annual energy consumption by using the latest cutting edge solution from Reznor, the UK’s foremost producer and supplier of gas-fired warm air technologies.

Specialising in used and new motorhomes, Simpson’s has a sizeable workshop and storage unit in keeping with the company’s status as a nationally prominent trader. The company needed a replacement heating system to save energy that would allow it to take the lead on sustainability, control costs and also ensure supreme comfort for the company’s staff.

In specifying a heating system, there were several complex needs that had to be met. As motorhomes are raised on hoists to work on them, it was crucial that any ceiling mounted units would not prove a fire hazard. This led to the specification of a warm air rather than a radiant heating system.

The Reznor V3 UDSA range provided the perfect solution. Crucially, the UDSA system offered the very best in environmental performance – so much so that it qualified for Enhanced Capital Allowance.

This government led programme enables businesses to claim 100% first-year capital allowance on low energy technologies, reducing their payback times and rewarding the users of advanced and sustainable systems.

Reznor’s V3 UDSA series represents the most exciting development in gas fired heater units for many years. The result of extensive development, they feature a state of the art heat exchanger that grants over 92% thermal efficiency and ensures the technology is compact, lightweight and cost effective. In line with the sustainable standards expected of modern mechanical engineering, they also reduce CO2 and NOx emissions considerably.

It is not just in heating itself that UDSA gas fired warm air heaters are leading the market. Easily installed thanks to their compact size and light weight, the systems are also easily connected to flue piping. They operate quietly – ideal for working environments – and have specially engineered louvres for thorough air distribution and user comfort. During the summer, the units provide the movement of unheated air for cooling and ventilation.

Four UDSA units were installed at Simpson’s, with outputs between 18 to 73 kW. Two were placed in the main workshop at easily accessible sites on the perimeter to reduce working-at-height risk and maintenance costs and one was placed in the goods inward area.

The fourth UDSA unit was placed in a stores area. Featuring four way louvres with a downflow discharge, it was an ideal choice for the more constricted space of the room – utilising all of the advantages of the UDSA series’ versatility and compactness.

The energy efficient and centrally controllable UDSA heaters replaced a centralised boiler and high level fan convectors. With leading technology from Reznor now installed, Simpson’s saves a fortune in energy each year – leaving the company free to focus on its nationally famed caravan dealership in a comfortable and cost efficient climate.

To find out more about Reznor’s solutions, visit www.reznor.co.uk.

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