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Iron technology leader Saint-Gobain PAM UK, part of leading international materials company, Saint-Gobain, has further demonstrated its environmental commitment through several major investments at Holwell, near Melton Mowbray, including one which has seen CO2 emissions from its cupola furnace – the biggest of its kind in the UK – fall dramatically.

The previous installation of a dry bag filter system has meant particulate emissions have been reduced by 99 per cent from the cupola furnace. As a result, emissions are now less than 0.3kg per tonne of castings, while the company has reduced site water use by 63 per cent and electricity by 9 per cent, and completely eliminated the use of caustic soda previously employed for cleaning the wet filtration system. The move also brings a reduced risk to permitted drainage discharge points.

A second substantial investment has been the installation of a heat exchanger to recover waste heat from combustion gases. The energy regained by the heat exchanger will be used to re-heat input air to the furnace, resulting in an annual saving of 2,200 tonnes of CO2. A new control system has also been established at Holwell, which will facilitate both the cupola furnace’s filter system and the new heat exchanger.

Paul Minchin, Managing Director of Saint-Gobain PAM UK, added: “It is important to us that we continue to invest in measures that will put environmental savings at the forefront of business. The investment in the cupola furnace’s new filtration and heat recovery system has reduced CO2 emissions enormously, and is just one example of our business ethos, which has minimising our environmental impact at its heart. These measures will pave the way for further developments in optimising energy use, reducing gas consumption, use of low level waste heat and the recycling of collected particulates.

“The investment also shows our commitment to maintaining a UK manufacturing base, with our site near Melton Mowbray providing a truly local service to UK customers, removing the supply chain delays which can occur with imported products.”

For further information visit www.saint-gobain-pam.co.uk/access-press.

Pictured in front of the cupola: project team members (left to right) Richard Brown, John Mcleod, Tim Benton

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