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CellGuard™ from Fendor – a new approach to custodial glazing


The launch of the CellGuard™ window by leading specialist glazing designers and manufacturers Fendor, marks a step change in the design of custodial fenestration, and is the latest addition to the company's extensive security portfolio.

Following the success of its products in the secure healthcare sector, Fendor embarked on an extensive research program in order to determine what type of system would offer optimum performance in the security market and improve on current light transmission and dated designs.

The result is a new approach to custodial fenestration which has been developed, tested and approved in conjunction with the Home Office for use in Police Custodial Suites.

The large single pane solution eliminates the need for bars or blocks traditionally associated with this type of window product, improving light transmission by a third when compared to traditional designs.

CellGuard™ comprises a unique framing system which secures technologically advanced glass developed to withstand prolonged and sustained assault. Apart from the systems inherent strength and performance its design has taken into consideration recent guidelines on the ingress of daylight into custodial rooms, achieving 67% light transmission while meeting the performance specification required for Home Office use in Police Custodial Suites

The single pane solution complies with these requirements without compromising security, as well as fulfilling the requirements of current building regulations in terms of U-values and BREEAM ratings, achieving a U-value of 1.9W/(m2K ) or lower.

In addition, enhanced performance requirements, such as fire rating and blast resistance, can also be achieved using CellGuard™.

“The development of CellGuard™ has been one of our most technically challenging projects to date and this patent applied for system meets all the criteria set out within Home Office Police Building Design Guidance” comments Fendor managing director Chris Duffy.
“The system delivers, not only in terms of security but also from an aesthetic standpoint, creating a less institutional environment for detainees, visitors, staff and the wider community”.

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