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Chelsom launches brand new furniture collection


Newly launched into the UK marketplace, the 2008 Chelsom collection takes occasional furniture to the next level. Inspired by worldwide trends, the collection is original and unique, designed to keep the Chelsom name at the forefront of innovative and affordable furniture for both commercial and residential applications.

The mood is predominately contemporary, in line with the consumer’s desire and hunger for newer and more imaginative designs that will compliment their upholstery.

The range incorporates over twenty collections including the sculptured look of TOWER which offers a talking point as well as being a highly functional piece of modern furniture. For those who like a more traditional approach EXCEL presents a classic shape with the use of modern materials bringing the look into the current time zone.

As its name describes, COOL is presented in bright white lacquer, a finish that was re-introduced recently at the influential Milan furniture exhibition, and offers an alternative to the dark wenge finishes that were predominant in 2007.

The new wooden occasional furniture models are quite progressive, with the gently curved shape of PENTHOUSE, the structured design of LAYER, to the more industrially inspired BLOCK. All these tables use the beauty of fine veneered wood with the complementary use of metal where appropriate.

The exclusive Orsenigo Contemporary range has also been extended as part of the new collection.

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