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Coffer from Aeon Radiator Heaven takes its name from the decorative sunken panel in a ceiling, dome, soffit, or vault, which it resembles. Like its namesake, Coffer creates a feeling of added depth in a room with its twin set of four mirror polished elements being recessed towards the centre.

The three dimensional effect of the Coffer radiator leads the eye straight to the centre of the design, with its fashionable sharply defined square shape fitting comfortably with the up to the moment design cues and clean-edged finishes of modern apartments and houses.

Coffer, which is at first machine polished and then finished by hand to create its mirror like finish from the solid stainless steel base, can be hung horizontally or vertically. When hung vertically it can be used as a towel rail as well as a radiator. Hung horizontally, Coffer appears as a contemporary piece of modern art.

Saffet Kalender, Aeon design chief, commented: “Coffer is slightly unusual in that its styling means it can sit comfortably in a bathroom, bedroom or living area. It started life as a simple towel rail, but once we saw the stylish nature of the end design and its high heat output relative to size, we made some changes to give Coffer the versatility that would allow it to be placed practically anywhere in the home.”

Coffer is available in two sizes. The larger Coffer 511 is 1,090 mm high x 540 mm wide, the smaller Coffer 490 measures 890 mm x 440 mm. Both variants share a common depth of 65 mm. Heat output for the range is from 868 Watts – 1,188 Watts.

This new Aeon Radiator Heaven design is available in hand polished mirror finish or brushed satin finish stainless steel. Retail price ranges from £1,353 for the satin finish Coffer 490 to £2,011 for the mirror finish Coffer 511.

The entire Aeon Collection is produced from the highest grade solid stainless steel and ranges from small towel warmers to the mighty 31,611 Btu (9,254 Watt) output Millennium. Every radiator is hand-finished to create the collections’ stunning ‘metal in the raw’ brushed or mirror finish stainless steel effect. The craftsmanship and quality of the Aeon Collection is such that a 20 year guarantee applies across the range.

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