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Colourful canopies provide easy access to sand and water play


Twinfix aluminium framed canopies continue to be the product of choice at many schools. Nurseries, in particular find that a canopy situated adjacent to a classroom enables small children quick and easy access to sand and water play, a vital part of early years’ learning.

The complete process of design, manufacture and installation is undertaken by Twinfix with each canopy being designed to suit the needs of the individual school. Canopies can incorporate pitched or curved roof glazing, vertical side screens and colourful padded post protectors. Where required, roller shutter doors can be fitted, enabling toys to be safely locked away when the building is not in use.

Canopies can be ordered with a selection of tints and grades of polycarbonate roof glazing. The photo shows opal multiwall polycarbonate glazing complementing an aluminium powder coated turquoise structure that wont rust or require future repainting, helping to cut down on maintenance costs. Where clear visibility is required through the roof glazing clear solid polycarbonate can be fitted.

The roof glazing panels are a Twinfix patented design that conform to the Health & Safety Executive’s recommended drop test for ‘Safe’ roofing assemblies. This means that should anyone gain access on to a canopy roof they will not harm themselves by falling through the glazing.

These canopies require little in the way of maintenance apart from an occasional wash down and will look good for years to come. They are fully recyclable at the end of their long life span.

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