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COMMERCIAL CONTRACTORS WARM TO ‘DIY' WATER TREATMENT SOLUTION – and new 10 litre packs of Sentinel X100, X200, X300 and X400 welcomed by Light Commercial sector


Leading European water treatment specialist Sentinel is offering a first class self-certification option to contractors that have until now, utilised an external water treatment company to undertake that side of their business. The offer to contractors is straightforward – clean and protect the heating systems you work on and self certify that work via Sentinel’s SystemCheck accredited laboratory analysis, for self-certification compliance. This service is proving to be an attractive option for many larger contractors looking to switch to self certification.

Sentinel System Check is a water analysis service which has been designed to provide the contractor, installer or system owner with a rapid service for validation of water quality in a central heating system. It can be used during system commissioning either after initial cleaning and flushing or after treatment with Sentinel X100 inhibitor. It can also be used on existing systems for a health check to ensure the system is working efficiently and to diagnose any potential long-term problems.

System Check is supplied in a returnable plastic box that contains two sample containers, one for the mains supply water and one for the system circulating water. Full instructions are supplied along with a pre-printed Freepost envelope for return of the samples to the laboratory.

Analyses are carried out by an independent, highly qualified laboratory that operates a quality system compliant to ISO 17025 and a full laboratory report is supplied that contains the results of all analyses undertaken, a full interpretation of these results and recommendations for any corrective action. The report can be sent by post or directly by e-mail.

The Sentinel SystemCheck facility offers a comprehensive response to the needs of self certification compliance and is already working well for a number of larger contractors using the service. It offers an affordable, cost effective alternative to employing sub-contract water treatment specialists to undertake the water treatment side of your installations, whilst you incur substantial cost by doing so.

And to help still further, the easily recognised Sentinel X-range of chemical water treatment products has just got bigger – literally. The leading water treatment and energy efficiency expert has just released its X400 heating system restorer, X300 system cleaner for new heating systems and its X200 noise reducer product, along with its X100 inhibitor and system protector, in 10 litre packs for use in light commercial projects.

The new size packs offer installers and contractors working in the light commercial sector the convenience of buying what they need when they need it, reducing visits to the merchants or their stores and making it easier to carry in their vans. And the Sentinel range has been endorsed by a range of leading commercial system manufacturers, keen to see quality water treatment products used in their products to ensure they continue to operate at optimum efficiency levels.

“We’re serious about offering a service second to none to the commercial sector and we believe that this development will allow many commercial contractors that have until now, looked for specialist support in this area to keep that work in-house and utilise the self-certification route to meet the legislative requirements,” says Sentinel’s Commercial Sector Manager, Mark Kelly.

“It’s also been suggested to us by commercial contractors that it would be helpful to have something between the usual 1 litre bottles and the 20 litre packs so we’ve responded by producing these 10 litre versions to widen our product offering,” says Sentinel’s Mark Kelly . “Systems still need to be dosed correctly – one litre for every 100 litres of the system water, and this new size will be particularly helpful when dosing systems in hotels and guest houses, offices and small industrial units and the like.”

Log in now at www.sentinel-solutions.net and click on ‘Light commercial’ to find out more about Sentinel’s role in this sector and to see examples of certification reports, dosage rates and product information.

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