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Condair Helps Konvekta Achieve 92% Energy Recovery


The Condair ME evaporative humidifier is being used by energy recovery specialists, Konvekta, as one of its standard adiabatic cooling solutions. The humidifier is being incorporated into Konvekta’s exhaust air cooling systems to help Konvekta deliver up to 92% annual energy recovery to its clients’ buildings.

A Konvekta exhaust air cooling system pre-cools incoming fresh air to reduce a building’s need for mechanical cooling. The Condair ME humidifier is used in this system to provide very low energy evaporative cooling to the warm air extracted from the rooms. Before the cooled extract air is vented externally, it is run through a heat recovery system and provides up to 10K of cooling to the incoming fresh air supply. A cooling effect from 32°C outside air temperature down to 22-23°C supply air temperature can be reached, without any mechanical cooling.

Amir Ibrahimagic, Group Business Development Manager at Konvekta, comments, “Konvekta has standardised its exhaust air cooling systems on the Condair ME humidifier as its evaporative cooling solution. The reliability of the unit is second-to-none. It incorporates the highest quality components that give utmost longevity and performance to our clients. Alongside the product’s USPs, Condair is also a very solutions-oriented partner. As a Konvekta energy recovery system is always custom designed for a client’s needs, it’s vital for us to have flexible design support from our evaporative cooling supplier.”

Amir continues, “As an example, a recent installation at a clinic in Tyrol, Austria, resulted in a confirmed annual energy recovery across the Konvekta systems of 92% for the building. A single Condair ME humidifier contributed more than 60,000kWh/a of cooling during this period from just 3,800kWh/a of consumed electricity. This low energy cooling significantly improved the building’s overall energy efficiency and helped our client become the most sustainable clinic of its type in all of Austria.”

Konvekta are a leading global supplier of high efficiency run around energy recovery systems, with clients including MIT and Harvard University in the USA, as well as Frankfurt Airport, Germany, and Swarovski Optik in Austria. Its systems offer an average annual ROI of between 3-7 years, depending on energy prices and operating hours. Alongside the highest efficiency systems on the market, the company offers a performance guarantee to clients, covering highly detailed financial and operational outcomes.

The company’s Konvekta-Controller operates within a Digital Twin framework and provides net annual energy-saving calculations to design engineers early in the design phase. Following installation, the Konvekta-Controller presents current and historical performance data, allowing optimisations to be carried out to meet or exceed initial design projections.

The Condair ME in-duct adiabatic humidifier can be used to provide humidification or cooling to an air handling unit. Its evaporative matrix is located inside the duct and has water flowing down its surface. Air passing through the matrix is humidified and cooled without any aerosols being produced inside the AHU. The Condair ME has an innovative hydraulic pump module that can be located either inside the duct or externally, which allows servicing to happen without any AHU downtime. Units are available in sizes ranging from just 60x62cm to over 4x4m, with total outputs from a single unit of up to 1,200kg/h. In terms of cooling, this can equate to 822kW of adiabatic cooling from as little as 1kW of consumed electricity.

The Condair Group is the world’s leading specialist in humidity control and evaporative cooling, with energy efficient, hygienic and innovative technologies for commercial, industrial and heritage applications. Condair supports its clients from the initial system design advice, through supply and install, with nationwide after-sales service and maintenance. You can find out more by visiting the company’s website at www.condair.co.uk

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