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Conference Links REFCOM Benefits To Sales


Mitsubishi Electric has used its annual partner conference to announce a revamp of its REFCOM support programme for its major customers.

As part of the yearly meeting with its Business Solutions Partners (BSP) Mitsubishi Electric has focused on the benefits to air conditioning sales of REFCOM membership and is encouraging more of these larger contractors to sign up to the scheme.

This year’s event was held in March at Whittlebury Hall Hotel in Northamptonshire, and Conference Organiser Sharon Oliver explained why the company had chosen to highlight REFCOM in this way. “We have had a special partnership programme in place with our major customers for several years now and this has helped to encourage and support everyone involved to raise and maintain standards across the industry.

“Several of our BSPs already have REFCOM certification or are in the process of securing it and we felt that if we can encourage all of them to apply, we can send a clear signal to the market that Mitsubishi Electric and its partners continue to fully support the raising of standards in the industry.”

Mitsubishi Electric has pioneered the drive to increase installation and maintenance standards across the industry as the company believes that this will help to maximise efficiency and minimise energy consumption. The company is supporting the REFCOM scheme as it fulfils F-Gas requirements and identifies companies as experienced handlers in the UK refrigerant industry.

Mitsubishi Electric has developed a strategic 10-point plan for the industry called the Green Gateway Initiative™ which points the way to CO2 reductions of 3 million tonnes per year by 2016.

The company is convinced that only by focusing attention on energy use can users of mechanical heating, cooling and ventilation be persuaded to look for more energy efficient equipment and at the same time look for the most qualified companies to offer assistance.

“We see real growth potential in energy efficient equipment, supplied by the most qualified people possible and we’ve used this conference to spell out these benefits to any of our BSPs who have not yet signed up for the scheme,” added Oliver. “One of the immediate benefits to the company’s major customers of being a BSP is the ability to offer 5-year warranties and REFCOM shows a seriousness and commitment to the standards necessary to be able to deliver on that,” she ended.

Mitsubishi Electric fund the REFCOM application with its BSPs, membership allowance is based on a variety of standards which are recognised by ACRIB as those most likely to reflect future government refrigerant handling initiatives.

These cover a variety of areas including hazardous waste, audit trails, refrigerants and gas recovery.

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