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COOL-FIT 4.0 The revolution continues


When GF Piping Systems introduced the revolutionary COOL-FIT system, it completely changed the way refrigeration applications are planned, installed and operated. COOL-FIT 4.0 continues the revolution spectacularly: A technological leap for users with the highest demands for production and process safety and maintenance of high quality food storage facilities. COOL-FIT 4.0 helps you work with maximum efficiency while simultaneously reducing maintenance and operating costs. The new system has its official premiere at the Chillventa, starting today in Nurnberg.

COOL-FIT 4.0 is a complete system made of factory pre-insulated pipes, fittings, valves and hoses for secondary cooling with brine, glycol and ethanol as well as cooled water in the range of – 50 °C to 60 °C. “COOL-FIT 4.0 brings the unique advantages of our pre-insulated systems to users with the most demanding cooling and freezing applications,” says Mark Bulmer, Global Segment Manager Cooling at GF Piping Systems. “These include companies in food and beverage production, such as fruit and vegetable processors, slaughterhouses, breweries and supermarkets.”

COOL-FIT 4.0 shares the advantages of all COOL-FIT products compared to metal systems:

  • 100% maintenance-free, as plastics are permanently corrosion-free: The media pipe, insulation and jacket of COOL-FIT are made of high-quality plastics and so are corrosion- and maintenance-free throughout the system’s entire operating life. This reduces expensive interruptions of operation and lowers maintenance costs and personnel requirements.
  • 100% reliable over the system’s entire operating life: The especially smooth interior surface of the medium pipe, typical for plastic systems, reliably prevents deposits. That means: No additional loss of pressure over the entire service life, COOL-FIT remains as efficient as on the first day.
  • Planning and installation are simplified due to 65% less weight: COOL-FIT is much lighter than traditional metal systems and so places much lower structural demands on buildings and supporting structures. Heavy transportation aids are no longer needed at the construction site, or they can be reduced.
  • 50% faster installation: Factory pre-insulation of COOL-FIT replaces traditional insulation after installation, which often requires a second team at the construction site. You receive finished and permanently insulated components, which can be used without delay.
  • Lower operating costs because of 30% higher energy efficiency: The low heat conductance of plastic and the highly effcient and robust foam insulation together increase your system’s energy efficiency. That helps save energy costs and makes your work more environmentally friendly.

At the same time, COOL-FIT 4.0 offers additional decisive advantages:

  • Connected in a few minutes: The design has been further improved and simplified – no unnecessary or complicated installation steps. The system can be installed neatly and easily and connected within a few minutes through electrofusion. The system can start up without delay.
  • Installation also outdoors: The new design also allows the use of COOL-FIT 4.0 outdoors. All surfaces are sealed, and so protected from rain and all other influences, also UV-resistant. The sealing lip of the fittings surrounds the pipe and reliably protects the insulation from water and ice.
  • Always control of the quality: Thanks to its reduction of installation steps and use of electrofusion as jointing technology, COOL-FIT 4.0 permits a degree of control that was previously not possible. Installation errors are largely excluded in advance, which ensures a system of the highest possible quality.

“COOL-FIT 4.0 is a technological leap, the fruit of many years of development efforts,” says Daniel Dossenbach, Head of Pre-Insulated Systems at GF Piping Systems. “It markedly improves planning, processing and service life. The result is a system with maximum capability, which is also esthetically attractive.”

COOL-FIT 4.0 is a solution from GF Piping Systems, the global expert for safe and reliable transport of water, chemicals and gas, with customers in more than 100 countries. GF Piping Systems offers complete system solutions made of plastic with more than 60,000 products and supports in all phases of a project – from planning to commissioning.

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