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Flag Soprema’s Flagon SFC Copper Art single ply membrane has been used in a highly unusual way on an exclusive 3-storey development of six apartments concealed within the heart of a conservation area. Vaega Family Homes’ development of Beech Hollow was faced with a planning directive requiring use of Yorkshire stone, natural slate, lead and copper. Its tower entrance feature was designed to be clad in copper, as a visual statement which hinted at the high quality of materials and finishes within. Flag-Soprema’s patented thermoplastic PVC system, Flagon SFC Copper Art, was used as precise amounts of copper incorporated into it enable the membrane to take on the natural patina of age. Added benefits include the avoidance of cold bridging, corrosion or leaks around details.

The fleece-backed membrane was fully-adhered to the insulation boards to achieve the necessary smooth finish, using the skills of Bradford based contractor Watershed Roofing. Profiles and embossed fascia detailing techniques re-created the traditional copper appearance to the highest standard.

The modern design approach provided the required focal point and, as Stuart Cochrane of Watershed Roofing commented. “We found the project very challenging but interesting. The full effect of the feature could not be appreciated until the scaffolding came down, but it can be seen from some distance”. – A truly unusual and innovative piece of design which illustrates the flexibility of single ply in every sense.

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