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CPD Seminar Launched “Forgotten Arteries”


In recognition on the demands made on lighting in today’s’ working environments ASD Lighting is pleased to offer an additional service from our Specification department. We now offer a free RIBA approved CPD seminar to architects and specifiers throughout the UK on providing adequate lighting to problem areas such as corridors and stairs; the “forgotten arteries” of a building.

The seminar aims to address these neglected areas and problems with poor design and installation. Stairwells and corridors are life lines that provide safe passage for everyday commuting between rooms and floors as well as escape routes to a safe environment when required. We examine not just the correct way of illuminating stairs and corridors but highlight common misconceptions when selecting fitting types. Stairwells are notoriously hard to calculate and this results in a lot of guess work and intuition; which in most cases, results in what appears to be a correctly lit environment but actually falls well below CIBSE guidelines.

The CPD seminars are an extension to the FREE lighting scheme design service offered to Architects & Specifiers in which we will design lighting schemes to meet installation requirements.

We offer an exceptional service and advice on products from our extensive range to resolve any lighting scheme design. We will help to identify the characteristics of the installation and then provide a computer aided model of the required lighting needs.

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