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Crabtree leapfrogs the competition with new KNX accessories


One technology that is being increasingly implemented for the ‘smart home’ is KNX (Konnex), or EIB (European Installation Bus) as it is also known. It is currently revolutionising electrical installations, and is relatively simple to understand, requiring only a bus line along which all bus devices (sensors and controls) may communicate. It is similar in many ways to the analogue addressable technology employed in fire and security systems.

The central feature is the embedded control protocol – with devices, such as sensors, actuators and smart controllers communicating with each other to perform circuit management functions to control a network of command modules, with devices from many manufacturers all capable of functioning on a single system.

Until recently, however, electrical accessories that were able to initiate or respond to the protocol were only available in mainland Europe, with corresponding ‘European only’ specifications. But with the recent coming together of Siemens and Electrium, Crabtree, one of the UK’s leading electrical accessory manufacturers, has now developed a collection of KNX switches as part of their existing stylish and functional Platinum range, available in any of the standard Platinum finishes for complete decorative coordination.

EIB/ KNX caters for all the intelligent requirements of a modern home including heating, cooling, lighting, enhanced security and remote access. The new Crabtree switches and sockets blend together seamlessly with any other wiring devices used in the home, whether part of the KNX bus or stand alone.

Jim Currie, Marketing Director of Electrium, commented: “The Crabtree Platinum KNX range of products allows consumers to continue to enjoy the aesthetics of having matching quality Platinum accessories within their homes, while also benefiting from sophisticated Siemens smart home technology. The fact that KNX technology has now made this range accessible to such a demanding market is very good news.”


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