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Crabtree Starbreaker Amendment 3 Consumer Units – Together We’re Ready


CrabtreeIn line with the requirements of the new 3rd amendment to the wiring regulations, Crabtree has launched a comprehensive range of Starbreaker consumer units, in all-metal, non-combustible enclosures. This means whether specifying or installing consumer units to comply with this new requirement, together we are ready.

Amendment 3 to BS7671 IET Wiring Regulations (published January 2015) requires that consumer units (and similar switchgear assemblies) for use in domestic household premises shall have their enclosures manufactured from non-combustible material (regulation 421.1.201). This UK regulation also gives an example of non-combustible material as ferrous metal. The intent is considered to be, as far as reasonably practicable, to contain any fire within the enclosure and to minimise flames from escaping.

Statistics maintained by London Fire Brigade show a significant increase in the number of domestic household fires involving consumer units as the source of ignition and this drove forward the amendment. These fires, involving plastic consumer units, have mainly been the result of poorly installed connections and the location of the enclosures themselves, often situated on escape routes, under stairs, and surrounded by other combustible materials.

The new Starbreaker range is all-metal and has a busbar system that contains socket apertures for plug-in devices (MCBs and RCBOs), providing instant, guaranteed factory quality connections as standard. This means there are no screws to tighten on the incoming side of the devices, assuring the connection and reducing the risk of an error being made during installation.

The range of consumer units includes all of the models necessary to meet the requirements of the 17th Edition such as Main Switch, Split Load, Hi Integrity, and Dual RCD. Circuit protection and control devices include B & C Curve MCBs and 30mA RCBOs with ratings from 6A to 50A all 100% tested and all incorporating Siemens technology.

The latest range of Starbreaker AM3 all-metal circuit protection systems couples high levels of safety and ease of installation, with proven Crabtree quality and design. Crabtree have published a concise Starbreaker consumer unit catalogue detailing the whole of the new range, so together we are ready!

For further information about Crabtree and the new all-metal Starbreaker consumer unit range, contact Electrium Sales on 01543 455000 or go to www.electrium.co.uk/crabtree.

A list of ‘must haves’ when specifying a consumer unit for the new amendment:

  • Full metal enclosure, no exposed plastic parts
  • Low smoke and fume paint
  • Self closing stay shut and metal hinges
  • Cable entry knockouts on all sides and to rear
  • Mains tails cable entry grommet extra insulation
  • Non combustible cover blanks for unused ways
  • RoHS compliant and UKAS certified to BS EN 61439-3
  • Factory quality plug in instant connections
  • 25% fewer manual connections
  • Plug and DIN clip to give positive device location
  • Raised busbar for easy routing of cables
  • Permanent non-removable busbar insulation
  • No need to cut busbar
  • No exposed busbar prongs
  • Less exposure to live parts (e.g. when testing etc.)
  • Consistent levels of safety assured in all models

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