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If REHAU built houses, they would probably look like this one. A stunning, new build property in Dundee, Scotland has been constructed using REHAU's complete range of building solutions, from PVC-U windows to underfloor heating, a ground – air heat exchanger and even composite decking.

The luxury house, built for a private client by Discovery Homes, is designed to be as efficient and environmentally friendly as possible and uses REHAU solutions wherever possible in line with the quality specification and to reduce running costs.

Discovery Homes regularly installs REHAU underfloor heating and flexible heating and plumbing pipework in its developments and its team have all received training at the REHAU Academy.

Grant White, a Director at Discovery Homes, said: “We have always been impressed by the quality of the REHAU pipework systems and with the support the company provides via its sales office in Glasgow.

“In this one-off project, we wanted to extend the use of REHAU solutions as far as possible and worked closely with the company to identify and install the right products for a range of applications.”

Working from the ground up, the house features REHAU's award winning AWADUKT Thermo ground – air heat exchanger system to provide a sustainable source of fresh, filtered ventilation air, REHAU underfloor heating and REHAU flexible pipework for the hot and cold water supply, sound insulated RAUPIANO pipework for the domestic waste water system and REHAU PVC-U windows throughout.

It is also one of the first properties in the UK to feature the RAUVACLEAN central vacuum system inside and the RELAZZO composite decking system outside.

Grant White adds: “The products show the very best of REHAU's expertise in polymer – both replacing traditional materials with polymer alternatives which are more durable or more convenient and utilising the inherent properties of polymer to deliver 'green' solutions.

“The finished house is built to an outstanding specification which will ensure it is both comfortable and efficient. For our clients, that satisfies their requirements perfectly.”

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