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Crittall acquires high security glazing specialist Fendor


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Crittall Holdings has announced the acquisition of the Trade and Assets of Fendor – a leading UK company with expertise in the provision of high security, ballistic and bombproof fenestration. The Newcastle-based company is also a major supplier of windows used in custodial and mental health institutions and the petrochemical industries.

The acquisition creates Crittall Fendor that will complement the Essex-based Crittall Group of companies in a number of significant ways. It expands the range of products and markets served, and offers geographical benefits in assisting Crittall Windows with its North of England and Scottish operations.

Thanks to its strong technical reputation on both sides of the Atlantic Crittall is ideally placed to expand market share in the US where, for example, Fendor has recently passed rigorous fire testing of products aimed at the oil and gas industry.

Association with the Crittall brand will also benefit Fendor’s range of specialist products within the UK.

Stuart Judge, Managing Director of The Crittall Group of Companies, said:

“This is a win-win situation for Crittall, for Fendor, and for all our customers. We are now able to offer an unparalleled range of fenestration from steel windows, doors and screens for residential and commercial use to specialist security glazing that meets the stringent requirements of industrial, medical and government clients.”

Graham Dotchin from Tait Walker Corporate Finance, who advised the shareholders of Fendor said:

“It is great news that Crittall Fendor have been able to secure this competitive advantage and that it is committed to retaining the North East facility, grow employment opportunities for the region and ensure that the end users of the products continue to benefit from them”.

Crittall is continuing to develop plans involving its Windows and Fabrication divisions and is committing significant investment in both systems and machinery. The Group’s diverse and geographical spread is enabling it to build a wider and increasingly stable footprint in both the UK and export markets for the future.


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