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Crittall ‘Sustainability’ focussed Podcast Series – Edition 1 – Transcript to support learning


Steel Windows – Sustainability meets Style – Edition 1.  ‘The Strength of Steel’

Crittall ‘Sustainability’ focussed Podcast Series – Edition 1 – Transcript to support learning

‘Nobody can doubt the strength of steel as a construction material, but its qualities in the field of sustainability are rather less obvious, but no less impressive’ says Russell Ager, Managing Director of Crittall Windows.

And in this special edition series of bite-sized learning podcasts sponsored by Crittall, we discuss The Strength of Steel, The Life Cycle Assessment of Steel, How to protect Steel Building Materials from corrosion and why Windows are one particular building component that emphasises the plusses of sustainability for the material.

In this first edition we explore the ‘The Strength of Steel’

It is the strength of steel that contributes to its credentials as a sustainable, environmentally sound and cost-effective choice. Quite simply, it can be recycled or re-used continually without deterioration of its fundamental properties. This translates into a high value placed on the product throughout its long life.

Steel components have been recovered for many years and the process for recycling is therefore highly developed. Current rates of recovery from demolition sites in Great Britain are an astonishing 99% for structural steel and 94% for all types of steel construction. These percentages leave far behind all other types of building material.

Currently some 86% of steel gathered as scrap is returned to the furnace while 13% is dismantled for direct re-use. This leaves just 1% that is lost to rust or landfill.

On a worldwide basis some 40% of all steel produced is based on the use of recycled scrap, that’s 500 million tonnes per year or the equivalent of 180 Eiffel Towers per day. For the UK market, that could be translated into 25 Forth Rail Bridges!

Of course, sustainability is more than just re-use and recycling and other important considerations include the environmental cost of manufacture.

Thank you for listening to the first edition of this bite-sized learning podcast series. Make sure you listen to all 4 editions to fully understand how with Steel Windows – Sustainability meets Style!

In the next edition we explore ‘The Life Cycle Assessment of Steel’

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