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Crittall ‘Sustainability’ focussed Podcast Series – Edition 4 – Transcript to support learning


Steel Windows – Sustainability meets Style – Edition 4 – ‘The sustainability plusses emphasised by Steel Windows’

Crittall ‘Sustainability’ focussed Podcast Series – Edition 4 – Transcript to support learning

‘Nobody can doubt the strength of steel as a construction material, but its qualities in the field of sustainability are rather less obvious, but no less impressive’ says Russell Ager, Managing Director of Crittall Windows.

And in this special edition series of bite-sized learning podcasts sponsored by Crittall, we discuss The Strength of Steel, The Life Cycle Assessment of Steel, How to protect Steel Building Materials from corrosion and why Windows are one particular building component that emphasises the plusses of sustainability for the material.

In this fourth edition we discuss ‘The sustainability plusses emphasised by Steel Windows’

So, one particular steel building component that emphasises the sustainability plusses of the material are windows. Manufactured under controlled conditions to reap the benefits already enumerated for steel as a material,

Crittall Windows operates within the constraints of ISO 14001:2004; a recognised international environmental management standard that sets targets for solids, liquids, gaseous emissions and waste generation.

But the finished product itself, which is galvanized for enhanced longevity, offers other benefits because of the nature of the material. Because of their inherent strength steel windows have much thinner frames than is possible with other window materials. This lets in more daylight thus reducing the use of artificial lighting in the buildings in which they are installed. Taken over the elevations of a large commercial building this could lead to impressive savings in both energy usage and cost.

Supreme strength and matchless elegance are unusual partners, but they sit side by side in the world’s most recyclable building material. And who said sustainability and good looks could not go hand in hand.

Thank you for listening to the fourth and final edition of this bite-sized learning podcast series. Make sure you listen to all 4 editions to fully understand how with Steel Windows – Sustainability meets Style!

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