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Crittall’s window display


A town centre shopping mall in Stroud, Gloucestershire, has been given a new lease of life with Crittall playing a significant role in the makeover.

Dransfield Properties opted for a complete transformation of the Five Valleys Shopping Centre to include new retail outlets, as well as enhanced car parking, office space and a community hub with library.

Key to the interior appeal was replacing a jumble of disparate shopfronts and signage with a more ordered, modern appearance. Sheffield-based Dixon Dawson Architects selected Crittall W20 steel profiles for the task.

“The client wanted a particular style of glazing. I was familiar with Crittall and saw it as the best solution,” said Guy Dixon Dawson. “The whole mall was remodelled; frankly it was a bit of a mess beforehand. Now, everything, ceiling to floor, has been upgraded.”

The result is a simplified approach with Crittall’s slender steel profiled windows and doors providing a uniform appearance. All the cold form doors were a mix of hinged and automatic sliders.

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