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Daikin Altherma HT Heat Pump Chosen as Most Significant Renewable Energy Innovation in 2009


The Daikin Altherma High Temperature (HT) heat pump has received two prestigious Rushlight 2009 Awards, which were presented at a gala dinner, held on 28 January, following The Rushlight Clean Technologies Show at London’s Royal National Hall. Daikin won the Ground and Air Source Power Award and also the Rushlight Natural Energy Award, in appreciation of “the most significant overall contribution to renewable energy technology during 2009.”

The Rushlight Awards, organised by Eventure Media, support the development of clean technology and improving environmental standards by organisations throughout the UK and Ireland, which have furthered environmental consideration, technology and innovation. Separate award categories cover renewable energy, clean fuels, power generation, green products and services, water, waste and pollution management — highlighting technologies and innovations that are shaping the future of the energy, transport, environmental and industrial sectors.

The Rushlight Natural Energy Award is awarded to the most significant overall achievement in the exploitation and adoption of natural energy sources. Winners of 5 other Rushlight Award categories – for Solar, Ground and Air Source Power, Wind Power, Marine Energy and Hydropower – were short-listed for this, the highest accolade.

In winning the Ground and Air Source category, the Daikin Altherma HT system was recognised as the most important single contribution to renewable energy technology in 2009. Altherma HT is a low carbon, low energy system, capable of supplying a home’s total heating and hot water requirements, even during outside temperatures as low as -200C. For every 1kW of electrical input, Altherma HT delivers between 3 and 5kW of usable heat, compared to the typical 0.93kW generated by a condensing boiler.

The Daikin system represents a direct alternative to boiler replacement and can fully support existing radiator systems, providing a highly energy efficient and versatile high temperature solution guaranteeing flow temperatures of up to 800C without the need for a non-renewable back up heating system. High flow temperatures are achieved as a result of the system’s specially designed cascading heat pump configuration. Altherma HT consists of an outdoor heat pump (first stage) and indoor hydrobox unit (second stage heat pump), in which upgraded free heat from the outside air is transferred to the heating and hot water system. The hot water cylinder is installed next to or mounted neatly on top of the indoor unit.

In order to provide even greater capacity for year round water heating and storage, Altherma HT can be combined with the Daikin Solar Thermal System, which includes solar panel/s, a solar pumping station and a thermal storage tank.

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