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Daikin Europe launches new air-to-water heat pump chiller with inverter driven compressor


The new unit returns significant savings in energy and costs in heating and cooling operations and represents an energy efficient alternative for many traditional applications

The new EWYD-AJYNN heat pump inverter chiller from Daikin Europe NV heralds a new generation of air-to-water heat pumps. Its innovative design, which incorporates an inverter driven single screw compressor, enables it to replace a conventional gas boiler, offering considerable potential savings in annual energy costs in both heating and cooling operations.

During the heating season when the outside temperature decreases, the thermal load requirement of a building increases, although a conventional heat pump’s heating capacity actually decreases as the outside temperature falls. Therefore, a conventional boiler (fossil-fuel fired or electrical) might need to be integrated with the heat pump if the temperature is likely to fall below -1 oC.

The innovative EWYD-AJYNN heat pump chiller however, can fully match the building’s thermal load, even if the ambient temperature falls as low as -12 oC. This is because the inverter boosts the compressor with a frequency increase that exactly follows the required thermal load, resulting in significant energy and cost savings during the heating mode.

Furthermore, the unit also offers benefits during the cooling phase. In summer as the outside ambient temperature increases, so too does a building’s cooling load, creating conditions in which a traditional chiller loses capacity. The inverter in the EWYD-AJYNN however, boosts the compressor frequency rate to match the required cooling load, leading once again, to significant cost savings.

A Daikin Europe product spokesman explains: “the EWYD-AJYNN heat pump inverter unit can vary its compressor speed in response to load conditions by means of its in house programmed PID microprocessor controller. “The unit is extremely energy efficient, both in cooling and heating, with good EER and COP values and is designed and optimised for easy and fast network connection with building automation and management systems.”

The unit uses R-134 — considered the most efficient refrigerant for screw compressors on the market and even at the lowest outside ambient temperature its evaporating pressure remains higher than atmospheric pressure.

Other benefits of the EWYD-AJYNN heat pump Inverter unit include:

  • optimum unit power factor
  • absence of current surge on unit start up
  • lower noise levels during most of the year
  • optimized defrosting cycles

This innovative product line is available in a variety of sizes for large, industrial and/or commercial buildings with capacities from 255 to 385 kW in cooling and 274 to 412 kW in heating mode.


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